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Oct 31st
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Tzu Chi’s Educational Mission: 20 Year Anniversary

Tzu Chi’s Educational Mission: 20 Year Anniversary

On October 10th 2014, Tzu Chi celebrated the grand opening of Tzu Chi education campus in Walnut, California. The occasion also celebrated the 20-year anniversary of Tzu Chi’s Educ...

Tzu Chi Receives Prostate Cancer Screening Vehicle from ZERO

On September 20th, 2014 Tzu Chi received a very special donation from ZERO,...

Sowing Seeds of Compassion in Napa Valley Earthquake Distribution

Napa Valley, an area famous for its vineyards, was stuck by a magnitude 6 e...

Learning through Experience–Tzu Chi Summer Camp

The Tzu Chi Summer Camp (TCSC) started its second phase in Northern Califor...

Volunteers in Red Serve Tzu Chi with Love and Blessings

It was RED Day on May 8, 2014, and for Tzu Chi Fresno Service Center, it wa...


Tzu Chi Gives Relief after Flooding in Paraguay

This year, Paraguay has experienced extensive flooding, and thousands of residen...

Disaster, Love, and Gratitude in Tacloban

When I left for the Philippines to help in the disaster relief after Typhoon Hai...

Witnessing Growth in Disaster

I was in a cab at around three in the morning heading for the Guandu Tzu Chi off...

Rainbow Nigiri

Oil-free Cooking, healthy food with no burden

Hot and Sour Soup


3 Pieces Wood Ear Fungus

1 Egg

1/2 carton Silken Tofu*


Preparation Time: 10 min

Servings: 1 roll


1 bag of Jing-Si Instant Ric...

Jing Si Aphorisms Become Part of a Local School’s Curriculum

Located in New Jersey, Atlantic City is situated on the Abescon Island on the sh...

Tzu Chi Volunteers’ Compassion and Love Leave Strong Impressions

On September 14, 2014, the last day of the Care Harbor L.A. event, temperatures ...

Arranging Flowers to Learn to Admire Others

To most people, it may be just a pretty flower arrangement; but through the eyes...

Never stop working for Tzu Chi

Since his first time participating in the annual conference of the Tzu Chi Inter...

Hot Meal Distribution Sharing

On February 28, 2014, high school volunteers gained a new experience: serving th...

Happiness in Giving

East Los Angeles Tzu Shao Program Director reflects on the Winter Homeless Shelt...

Tzu Chi Missions

In 1966, Dharma Master Cheng Yen established the Tzu Chi Foundation in Hualien. ...

About Tzu Chi

About Tzu Chi:

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is an international non-profit, non-go...

This is Tzu Chi

With offices in 47 countries, the Tzu Chi Foundation is one of the largest chari...

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Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions and join Tzu Chi in promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind?

You are always welcome to join our Tzu Chi’s Great Love missions by becoming a member or volunteer. Please contact the Tzu Chi location near you.

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    Special Reports


    Jing Si Books Available on Amazon’s Kindle

    On April 7, 2013, Jing Si Publications received an email from Ms. Daan Dunsbergen of the N...


    Working Together to Bring Peace in Times of Disaster

    Late on the night of July 31, 2014, a series of gas explosions, caused by a leaking underg...


    Master Cheng Yen’s Letter of Condolence After Gas Explosions in Kaohsiung

    Late at night on July 31, in Kaohsiung city, there occurred devastating gas explosions. Th...


    Tzu Chi Sets Up Service Stations After Kaohsiung Explosions

    In response to devastating explosions in the south Taiwan city of Kaohsiung, the Tzu Chi F...