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Aug 29th
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It is not about the size of the donation: Ex-Convicts and homeless people donate to the Haiti earthquake relief fund

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Picture: At the Salvation Army Shelter, many guests make donations after dinner.With the belief that, "When others are hurt, we feel the pain.When others suffer, we feel the sorrow," Cleveland Tzu Chi volunteers drove to six supermarkets near the frozen Lake Erie to collectdonations for Haiti relief. Because Tzu Chi is widely recognized in this area, the manager and the employees of the supermarkets helped out whenever they could.

In an Asian market, a mother teaches her children about doing good. (Photographer: Chen Bo-rui) Picture: Tzu Chi volunteers collecting donations for the Haiti earthquake relief in an Asian market. (Photographer: Lin Pei-ying) At the supermarkets, volunteers informed everyone of Tzu Chi's international diaster relief actitivies through printed materials. After learning about Tzu Chi's Haiti disaster relief efforts, everyone donated.

Tzu Chi volunteers also went to a Salvation Army shelter to prepare 350 meals for homeless people and ex-convicts. The volunteers sought permission at the shelter to ask for donations for Haiti earthquake relief. The volunteers felt that this could be a chance for the guests to contribute to the relief of others, even though they did not have much money.

The guests learned about Tzu Chi's spirit as well as the respectful and loving interactions between the volunteers and the care recipients through a video and through the sign language performances of "Spread the Seeds of Love" and "The Spirit of Great Love.” Very touchingly, many of the guests were willing to donate what they could. The volunteers saw first hand that there is a lot of love in the world. In the Hua-shin supermarket, love does not differentiate between race, color, and religion.. (Photographer: Xu Tzu-ming) In the Li Wah restaurant, a senior citizen makes a donation.(Photographer: Lin Pei-ying)


" To be humble is to shrink our ego until we are small enough to enter other people's eyes and reside in their hearts and minds. "
Jing-Si Aphorism