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Sep 01st
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   The Northeast regional office was officially established on April 4th 1991. Although it is located in New York City, a city with a reputation of being trendy and fast paced, the members here are sincere and down to earth. The humble beginning of this office mirrors the beginnings of the foundation itself. As time passed, the members of the Northeast regional office touched the hearts of those around them transforming the organization to what it is today; providing outreach programs from community-based to national, and even international, programs.
   In 1990, Sister Qiu Yu-fen brought a tape from Hualien to New York. This tape showed the story of Master Cheng Yen’s efforts to build a large hospital in Hualian to care for the sick and the poor. Sister Jane Kang was deeply moved by the story, and decided to join the Tzu Chi Foundation. She eventually became the first commissioner in the New York area, and this was the start of Tzu Chi in the Northeast region of the United States.
   Sister Kang and a small group of members tirelessly introduced the mission of Tzu Chi to those around them. In acknowledgement of their hard work and unwavering spirit, Brother Stephen Huang, the Executive Director of the California region at that time, announced the formation of Tzu Chi’s New York Branch in Sister Kang’s home on April 20th, 1991. Read more...

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Northeast Region

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