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Aug 31st
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Synopsis of the Sutra Adaptation of the Water Repentance Text

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Synopsis of the Sutra Adaptation of the Water Repentance Text
Act I
Act II
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Act V
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 During the month of August 2011, Tzu Chi volunteers in Hualien held the sutra adaptation of the Water Repentance text, bringing to life the more than 1,000 year old Buddhist text in a modern form of stage adaptation. The sutra adaptation expresses the teaching contained in the Chinese Buddhist text known as "Water Repentance" composed by Dharma Master Wu Da, and does so in the form of theatrical sketches, song, and sign language. This sutra adaptation shows the ways in which human beings have created negative karma as a result of their afflictions and inner impurities, and urges all to sincerely reflect and repent.

The sutra adaptation is in Chinese. In providing an English synopsis of the sutra adaption, we hope that English viewers may also derive benefit from the sutra adaptation and learn the teaching of the repentance practice. Click here to see the video of the sutra adaptation of the Water Repentance text.


Act I: Prelude (序曲)
Scene 1: Introduction (一性圓明自然)
Scene 2: The story of Dharma Master Wu Da (悟達國師傳奇)
Scene 3: Introducing the practice of repentance (懺悔法門廣演)

Act II: The obstacle of affliction (懺悔煩惱障)
Scene 1: Our mind is the source of our afflictions (煩惱意業生)
Scene 2: Desire (意望深無底)
Scene 3: Repenting for our afflictions (一一悉懺悔)
Scene 4: Making vows and starting anew (改往並修來)

Act III: The obstacle of unwholesome action (懺悔業障)
Scene 1: The law of karma (懺悔業障)
Scene 2: The three vices of bodily conduct (身三惡業)
Scene 3: The four vices of speech (語四惡業)
Scene 4: Repenting our wrong ways (一一懺悔)
Scene 5: Making vows after repenting (至誠發願)

Act IV: The obstacle of karmic retribution (懺悔果報障)
Scene 1: The dream (夢歷六道)
Scene 2: Living hell (地獄人間)
Scene 3: The realm of hungry ghosts (餓鬼惡道)
Scene 4: The realm of animals (畜生惡道)
Scene 5: The realm of asuras (阿修羅道)
Scene 6: The human and heaven realms (人天餘報)
Scene 7: Calamities around the world (大小三災)
Scene 8: The world climate is becoming abnormal (火煉冰封)
Scene 9: The suffering of wars (兵災焦燃)
Scene 10: The suffering of hunger and famine (餓殍饑荒)
Scene 11: Repenting for our karmic retributions (一一懺悔)
Scene 12: Making vows after repenting (至誠發願)

Act V: Finale (終曲~大慈大悲大懺悔)

Compiled by the Jing Si Abode English Editorial Team

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