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Jul 03rd
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Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital and a global political center, is recognized for its prominent role on the world stage.  Tzu Chi’s successful presence in such a high profile locale is of special significance. The years of dedicated services by our volunteers have culminated in the official inauguration of the Greater Washington, D.C. Regional Office in January 2004.

Tzu Chi’s origin in Washington D. C. can be traced back to 1990. Commissioner Cheng Lee-See-Hsien (affectionately referred to as “Mother Cheng” by Tzu Chi volunteers), who had followed Master Cheng Yen for over thirty years in Hualien before immigrating to the Washington D. C. area, noticed the loneliness experienced by and the limited resources of the local elderly Chinese. She introduced Tzu Chi to the underserved and vowed to “sow and grow the seed of Tzu Chi in D.C.” She began by soliciting donations at the Washington, D.C. Buddhist Association and hosting home-based parties. Within just a year, the number of D.C. Tzu Chi members exceeded 160. During that time Mrs. Cheng met Mrs. Huang (Mother Huang,) who greatly assisted her in expanding Tzu Chi.

In 1991, a severe flood ravaged eastern China and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Mrs. Cheng gathered the members and responded to the Master's call for disaster relief by organizing D.C. Tzu Chi’s first fundraiser. It was a huge success that brought in over $14,000 in much needed donations and marked a memorable page in Washington D.C. Tzu Chi’s charitable history.

In July of 1994, senior commissioner Song Duzhi and her husband offered their residence in Potomac, Maryland for Tzu Chi’s use and thus established the first Washington D.C. service center. In November 2002, after years of rapid growth, D. C. Tzu Chi was moved to a nearby office building in Rockville, Maryland for much needed space and soon opened its doors to the general public. Read more...


 Come Celebrate Asian Heritage With Us

At Fiesta Asia Street Fair!

Time: May 16 (Saturday), from 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Location: Pennsylvania Ave (between 3rd and 7th St., N.W.)

Come join the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, in the 10th Fiesta Asia Street Fair! In this special event, the community will celebrate the heritage of Asian cultures, showcasing the richness, variety and ingenuity with arts and crafts, music, dance, performances, and of course, delicious cuisine.

We, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, will host two tents in the fair. One will take you through the numerous charity activities the foundation has initiated throughout the world as well as in the metropolitan Washington DC area. Tzu Chi Foundation’s Great Love philosophy, humanitarian missions and Life Wisdom will be presented with engaging posters and videos in vibrant colors and sound.

The other tent will have some of Tzu Chi products, such as books and DVDs, available for purchase. In addition, some of the apparel items made from recycled plastic bottles will be on display. The plastic bottles were collected by Tzu Chi’s volunteers in Taiwan and subsequently cleaned, processed and made into earth-friendly garments like shirts, scarves, and especially, blankets. These unique, much-needed blankets were distributed to destitute refugees and victims of disasters in many of Tzu Chi’s disaster relief efforts.

We hope that you can join us and take part in this festival celebrating the Asian heritage. See you there!


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