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Aug 03rd
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Emergency Disaster

Innovations in Disaster Relief

Several years ago, Tzu Chi held a winter relief distribution for poor families. One old lady received her bag of rice but was too weak to start a fire to cook it. Master Cheng Yen was deeply moved by the woman’s sad story and thought that if only Tzu Chi had instant rice to offer the woman, then she would have something  to eat. Acting on this simple thought, one of her disciples at the Jing Si Abode in Hualien developed vegetarian instant rice meals, which can be prepared by adding either hot or cold water. These meals have since become a staple of Tzu Chi’s international relief work.Read more...

Tzu Chi’s Emergency Disaster Response

Disaster relief has been a key focus of Tzu Chi for the past two decades, since Dharma Master Cheng Yen first sent volunteers across the politically contentious Formosa Strait in the summer of 1991 to support survivors of the severe Yangtze River flood that had devastated Eastern China.Read more...