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Dec 22nd
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Conversation with the Master

Do we need exorcists to get rid of evil spirits?

Question: My 10th grade daughter said she felt uncomfortable after seeing a fune... Read more...

What should one do when one is troubled?

Question: A friend of mine told me that a supernatural being asked him to relay ... Read more...

How can we cultivate a sense of helping others?

An engineering college graduate felt his choice of major was wrong and wanted to... Read more...

Where does a sincere heart come from?

Foreign Catholic fathers asked Master Cheng Yen: I’ve been in Taiwan for two yea... Read more...

Why would some one who practices Buddhism still run into bankruptcy?

A youth was curious about whether the “self” in Buddhism is real or not. Read more...

The essence of religion is not in beautiful buildings

An entrepreneur and his family came to visit Dharma Master Cheng Yen.  His ... Read more...

Why is it easier to shed tears of emotion the longer one is in Tzu Chi?

A physician would describe himself as not easily moved to tears.  However, ... Read more...

How do I obtain other people’s trust?

Question: “What should I set as goals so that others would trust me?”Read more...

Why is birth the beginning of death?

Question: Why is it that in Buddhism they say that birth is the beginning of dea... Read more...

How can body donors be so at ease?

Mr. Guo Shengzhu, a former president of China Medical University in Taiwan, visi... Read more...
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